Hanley Library Special Collections

The Friends of Hanley Library Archives Room

The Friends of Hanley Library Archives Room holds the majority of our special collections. A sample of these collections include: the W. Forres Stewart Photography Collection, the scrapbooks of Elizabeth Emery Fesenmyer that include 50 years of Bradford related clippings, and the Michael and Marie T. Schultz Collection of Civil Conservation Corps memorabilia.

The Robert C. Laing, Jr. Room

The Robert C. Laing, Jr. Room houses Dr. Laing's personal collection of books, the limited editions collection of Edgar Cohn, and the books and manuscripts of Marvin Lowenthal. The room also contains the artwork of the late Doris Van de Bogart.

We have a restricted access collection of local authors, books on local topics, and books containing genealogical materials - such as cemetery records and census documents. The Census Microfilm holdings cover McKean county and surrounding Pennsylvania and New York counties

Our Archives Specialist maintains a Vertical File of news items concerning local events, businesses, and individuals.

A number of individual items decorate the interior of the Library including sculptures, realia, and photographs.

The Hanley Library Stewardship Statement

We're dedicated to being a good steward to all the collections that are entrusted to the Library. We carefully preserve the collection according to the nature of the material and share the contents.