Coding and Computational Support

Programming and other computational methods can help you collect, organize, and analyze research materials, but it can be daunting to get started! We’re here to help you figure out what you need to know and get you set up to start learning more. If you’re interested in coding and computational methods specifically for working with data, we offer even more support for data exploration, cleaning, and management—check out our Research Data Services page to learn more!


You can use code to explore data, analyze text, crunch numbers, make visualizations, and so much more. Digital Scholarship Services offers introductory support for Python and R to help you start your coding journey. If you’re already an experienced coder and would like to consult about libraries, troubleshooting, or learning new skills, we’re here to help with that too!

We can help you…

  • Set up your coding environment in Python or R
  • Get started with coding for data work and digital scholarship projects through our workshops
  • Find resources online and on campus to get started with coding basics in Python or R
  • Analyze text programmatically
  • Choose libraries to help you extend your code
  • Learn more about testing your code
  • Learn to troubleshoot code

Computational Methods

There are many other computational skills that can help you in your research, from learning about version control to dealing with data in a database. We’re here to help you figure out what methods and tools will help you in your research, and we offer training and consultation in several areas.

We can help you...

  • Get familiar with the command line
  • Learn to use relational databases
  • Set up Git to help you keep track of changes to your project files
  • Learn more about obtaining data using APIs and web scraping

Contact us to set up a consultation. You might also find a workshop that suits your need on our Events Calendar.

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