2019 Archival Scholars in Action Event

Support and Community

Several workshops are offered throughout the semester. These sessions help create a united cohort, check student progress, raise awareness of useful services and resources, clarify questions, address concerns, and prepare students for the Celebration of Research event at the end of the semester.

Our librarians and archivists will support students so that they will be able to: 

  • Gain proficiency with various library databases.
  • Develop strategies in locating and evaluating primary sources in research.  
  • Describe the thought process, opinion, and interpretation of the sources that are being reviewed. 
  • Communicate research effectively to a wide variety of audiences in writing and public speaking. 
  • Create a record of scholarship by depositing research into D-Scholarship, the University of Pittsburgh’s Digital Repository. 

In addition, students receive training from professional librarians and archivists in how to discover and use primary sources and archival materials. The students participate in several workshops and deliver spring term-end presentations. The ULS also coordinates several meetings between the Digital Scholarship Services department and interested students. Liaison Librarians provide training in creating LibGuides and searching databases for secondary sources when necessary.