Omeka is a web-based platform for creating public digital exhibits. It is best for projects focusing on objects and curation, which makes it a great option for projects involving archival materials. However, it can also be used to organize and present research materials such as photographs and multimedia. In addition to showcasing individual items, Omeka offers multiple ways of linking items together into collections and highly visual exhibits.

How can I use Omeka?

Omeka can support instruction, research, class projects, and more. A site can be created by an individual or can have contributions from a larger group. Some common uses include

  • Creating an Omeka site for your class and designing an assignment where students contribute to it
  • Organizing and publicly presenting materials from a research project
  • Creating a digital complement for your physical event or exhibit

How do I know if Omeka is right for my project?

  • The atomic unit of Omeka is the item. If you have a project that focuses on a collection of items—such as archival materials, photographs, or other multimedia—Omeka may be a good option for you. Omeka is not suitable for building more general-purpose websites.
  • Metadata and description are integral parts of any Omeka project. You must be prepared to robustly describe the items that you want to add to your site.

How do I get started?

Anyone can create a trial Omeka site for free. However, University of Pittsburgh affiliates can request access to a site through the University Library System’s paid plan. A site provided by the ULS offers greater functionality through a larger list of plugins and themes, as well as dedicated training and consultation support. A library-sponsored site requires an application; you can start that process by filling out our Site Interest Form. A member of the library’s Omeka Team will reach out to you soon to consult with you about your request.

How do I learn more about Omeka?

Check out one of our workshops or schedule a consultation.

Example Omeka Sites Created by Pitt Affiliates

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