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Arlen Specter Center Research Fellowship

The Arlen Specter Center of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia annually awards a $5,000 research fellowship to two scholars interested in doing research in the Senator's archival collection, which is housed right here at Pitt. Throughout his 30 years in the US Senate, Specter was involved in many aspects of government, including Supreme Court nominations, medical research funding, and criminal justice reform. He was also highly active in foreign affairs, traveling the world from the Middle East to Cuba, all in an effort to promote democracy and diplomacy. If you're an interested graduate or post-grad student with a focus in political science, international affairs, history, or any related field, please consider applying for the next round of grant opportunities when they become available again in late 2019.
Four awards were made to research fellows in 2018. You can read the result of their research work deposited in the Jefferson Digital Commons at Thomas Jefferson University.