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Digital Stewardship Lab

About the Lab

The Digital Stewardship Lab provides access to high quality scanning equipment for research and instruction. The Lab is equipped with an HP 3-D Scanner, a Digibook 10000x Suprascan flatbed scanner, an Epson 120000XL flatbed scanner, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) workstation, and a sheet feed scanner. The space is open to students, staff, and faculty and is supported by a scanning technician who can provide training, instruction, and digitization project consultation. If you are interested in using the lab’s specialized scanners, and you haven’t before, you’ll need to first make an appointment for a basic training session with the scanning technician (see Hours and Appointments on this page).


Where to find us

The Digital Stewardship Lab is located within the Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC) on the ground floor of Hillman Library. To the left of the DSC information desk, the Lab is a small enclosed office space within the larger Commons room.


Specialized Scanning

The Lab’s HP 3-D Scanner works best for scanning small, non-shiny objects (10 inches or 25.4cm) in high resolution. The resulting 3-D scan files capture textural and structural detail, and can be sent to 3-D printers elsewhere on campus. 

The Digibook scanner is best suited for scanning bound books, loose paper, and other 2-dimensional materials in high resolution with great color accuracy. Illustrations, photographs, maps, delicate paper materials, and oversize books are good candidates for this scanner.

The Epson 120000XL flatbed scanner can accommodate flat materials up to 12X17. This scanner is also capable of scanning transparent materials including, color, black and white, and positive films.

These specialized scanners are within the enclosed lab area and are available during open lab hours or by appointment (details are listed in the Hours and Appointments box on this page).

Self-Service Scanning Stations

Our sheet feed scanner, as well as flatbed and overhead self service scanners, are located just outside of the Lab and are available to any member of the University of Pittsburgh community at any time Hillman Library is open.

OCR Workstation

An OCR workstation with ABBYY FIneReader 14 is located just outside the Lab. This workstation also serves as a microfilm reader and scanner. As with the self-service scanners, this workstation is available to any member of the University of Pittsburgh community at any time Hillman Library is open. The device can also be reserved online.