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Mendeley, EndNote and Zotero Citation Tools

Citation tools enable you to:

  • build and store personalized collections of references
  • organize and manage these citations within folders
  • build bibliographies
  • automatically format and insert citations in papers you're writing

Help & Training


  • Industry standard for citation management tools
  • Used by millions of researchers to search online bibliographic databases, organize references and related files, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly
  • Is free to University of Pittsburgh faculty and students, and can be downloaded at


  • Is a new citation management tool that offers all the basic citation management tool features
  • Enables social networking with other researchers
  • Has a searchable crowd-sourced database approaching 100 million documents
  • Is freely available at, and we offer an enhanced version of Mendeley to all Pitt users


  • Is open source and freely available at
  • Connects with your browser to save sources with one click.
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux OS.