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Why Publish with Us?

Choice, Cost, Ease of Use, Sustainability

Our Program

  • Promotes open access journal publishing services at a very low cost
  • Eliminates the high cost of print journal publication and distribution
  • Allows easy collaboration among authors, editors, and reviewers regardless of location
  • Enhances the visibility, searchability, and navigation of publications
  • Incorporates innovative and sustainable technologies to speed and facilitate scholarly publishing

Customized Design

We work with you to develop a flexible configuration for a variety of editorial workflows from simple to complex to create a professional look for your journal, including:

  • Professional Web site design
  • Publication template design to ensure every article is formatted to high standards
  • Customizable suite of presentation features and reader tools

You Retain Management and Control

  • Online author submission and management of content
  • Peer-review processes—blind, double blind, or open
  • Delegation of editorial responsibilities
  • Copyediting, layout, and proofreading
  • Publication schedules and ongoing journal archiving
  • Editorial policies

Editor Features

Editors can make reviewer assignments and manage the process of revision, copyediting, proofreading, and layout guided by pop-up icons and an easy-to-use e-mail notification process.

Author Features

Authors follow a five-step manuscript submission process, with the ability to submit comments to the editor and upload supplementary files, pop-up icons for viewing editor and reviewer notes, and e-mail notifications on review, revision, copyediting, and proofreading activities. Authors retain the copyright of works published under a CC-BYCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Reviewer Features

Reviewers are provided electronically with a description of the review steps, the review schedule, a comment function, and basic metadata when the reviewer accepts an e-mail request for manuscript review.

Selection Criteria

We are seeking partners who:

  • Ensure quality through a rigorous peer-review process
  • Support Open Access to scholarly research
  • Are supported by an internationally recognized editorial board
  • Possess the staff resources needed to ensure timely publication
  • Solicit new original scholarly research through an open call for papers
  • Practice selectivity regarding published content

Is OJS a good fit for my journal?

OJS is one of the widest-used software solutions in the world for journal publishing, and is supported by a robust community of users and developers worldwide.  You can read more about how OJS works, as well as background on OJS and the Public Knowledge Project, which created and organizes the development of the software. To compare OJS with other software solutions for journal publishing, we recommend Mind the Gap: A Landscape Analysis of Open Source Publishing Tools and Platforms

Why not run OJS on my own?

The ULS has experience, knowledge of publishing best practices, a proven track record as a publisher of 30 e-journals, and is a major development partner with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), the organization that produces and maintains OJS.

Contact us at to explore the possibilities for partnering with us to publish your scholarly journal.