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Technical Services

Technical Services

Technical Services is responsible for acquiring, cataloging, and processing library collections materials in both hard copy and electronic formats.  Staff in Technical Services work with materials in all formats and in all languages except East Asian vernaculars. Technical Services staff also processes all invoices for materials in the ULS collections.

Technical Services staff

Mission Statement

Our Goal is to support research,  teaching and academic success by making library resources discoverable and accessible.  The Technical Services Department has 28 staff members and is located off campus, in the Thomas Blvd facility.


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Units in Technical Services


Metadata and Discovery Unit

The Metadata and Discovery Unit is a center for expertise in descriptive, technical and administrative metadata with a focus on access, discovery and stewardship of digital content created, hosted or published by the University Library System.    Metadata and Discovery Unit


Catalog Management Unit

The Catalog Management Unit focuses on both original and copy cataloging of all formats of English and foreign-language materials, specializing in Latin American, Western European,  Slavic, and East Asian languages.  In addition, the Catalog Management Unit catalogs materials for the University Library System's Fine Arts and Special Collections Departments.  The unit also takes on special projects that ensure accessibility of all University Library System materials.

Acquisitions Payment Unit

The Acquisitions Payment Unit is responsible for processing and approval of payments for all invoices presented against the acquisitions budget which includes the University of Pittsburgh's four regional libraries.  We update, establish and maintain vendor records in both Voyager and the Accounts Payable Prism system for use in the payment of acquisitions invoices.  We also research and resolve vendor invoice issues such as non-receipt of payment and vendor statements.

Acquisitions Department

The Acquisitions Department is responsible for acquiring materials in all formats.  The department provides timely, efficient, comprehensive and effective access to resources in support of teaching, research, scholarship and outreach missions of the University of Pittsburgh. 

Gift and Exchange

Gift & Exchange receives many unique donations from Pitt Faculty, Alumni and other institutions.  Through the Gift & Exchange programs, we are able to add books, journals, and other materials to the library system's collection.  With the Exchange Programs we have set up with partners around the world we are able to exchange materials with other universities and institutions to acquire unique items to which we would not otherwise have access.

Gift and Exchange

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