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Currently all ULS libraries are closed, but if you have questions, please contact Ask Us or check our Library Collections & Services: Updates for Summer 2020 page for ways we can still help!

Putting Articles & Books on Reserve

General Guidelines for All Types of Reserves

  • To have your class reserve items available by the first day of the term, we need to have the list at least one month before the semester starts
  • Please fill out the form(s) completely. No more than 60 items (total) can be placed on reserve for one course
  • Reserve lists won’t appear in PITTCat until the first day of the term
  • For more information on the University's guidelines concerning photocopy reserve and copyright compliance, see pp. 1-4 of the University of Pittsburgh Policy #10-04-01
  • If you have items currently on reserve and wish those items to be kept on reserve for the upcoming term, please be sure to contact the reserve list ( before the end of the current term. Course reserve lists will not be automatically held over and personal copies will be returned via campus mail.

Questions? Contact us!


  • Use the online Reserve Book Request Form
  • You can also pick up a form at the Hillman Library Ground Floor Service Desk
  • If you bring us the books along with your completed form, we will be able to process your reserve list more efficiently and in less time
  • Books that are not currently in our collection can be ordered (with some restrictions); but it may take 4-6 weeks
  • Most reserves are a two-hour loan, but we can also put things on three-day, or seven-day reserve. Be sure to let us know if you need the longer loan period
  • We'll return your personal copies of books at the end of the term unless other arrangements are made

Electronic Reserves

  • You must submit a completed copy of the Electronic Reserve form
  • Please refer to our Copyright Guide and be sure that your request adheres to these basic guidelines:
    • Items can appear on reserve in only one format (book or e-reserve)
    • The use of copyrighted works falls under fair use, as defined by Section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law
  • Course Packs are NOT eligible for scanning
  • The submission process is first come, first served. Please submit materials as soon as possible and allow up to four weeks for processing
  • Reserves staff will scan copyright compliant materials submitted on standard 8.5” x 11 paper
  • If you have pdfs of the requested items, they can be accepted on CDR sent via campus mail to HILL G2, Attn: e-Reserves.  Files can also be accepted via USB drive at the Hillman Library service desk. PDFS CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL
  • If the item is in a database or in e-book format, please provide a citation and we will link directly to the item
  • Please be sure to provide the full citation for each requested item
  • The 60 item limit also applies to electronic items, as well as print reserves