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Measuring Scholarly Impact

For as long as scholars have been publishing their research, there has been interest in determining the impact of those publications.  Traditional scholarly output has long been in the form of academic journal publications, and attempts to capture scholarly impact have been measured using methods collectively referred to as “Bibliometrics.” For more information on how Bibliometrics attempts to measure scholarly impact, visit the Bibliometrics page of this site. 

Today academic research output has expanded beyond journal publications to include presentations, slides, data sets, and much more. While bibliometrics has attempted to capture impact of traditional academic publications, it was not design to contend with measuring the impact of these emerging media. Bibliometrics lacks the ability to measure the impact of scholarly output in non-traditional avenues, such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Altmetrics represents a new area of measuring scholarly impact that incorporates the widening channels of scholarly communication.  For more information on how Altmetrics attempts to measure scholarly impact, visit the Altmetrics page of this site.