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Currently all ULS libraries are closed, but if you have questions, please contact Ask Us or check our Library Collections & Services: Updates for Summer 2020 page for ways we can still help!

3rd floor quiet study only as of May 15 3rd floor quiet study only as of May 15!
4th floor closing May 15 4th floor closing May 15!
4th Floor Progress
So far we’ve shipped over 1500 silver trucks of books & journals out of Hillman to Storage & Engineering; this means that we are seeing a LOT of empty shelves on the 4th floor. We’re continuing to shift the remaining P’s down to the ground floor; and I expect this to be completed by the end of March. Soon we’ll be shifting the oversized books down to the 2nd floor. Once this is finished, all the books will have been cleared from the 4th floor. Then we’ll be doing the final push with the journals.
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