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Digital Scholarship Services Workshops

Digital Scholarship Services has offered workshops on a range of digital tools and methods since 2015. These sessions are available as on-demand workshops for courses and interested groups of faculty and students. These topics can also form the focus of a consultation. Contact us to schedule a session or appointment. 

Past sessions have included:

Authoring Multimedia Narratives
An exploration of digital storytelling tools for creating collaborative, non-linear, and multimodal scholarship; tools covered include Scalar, TimelineJS, StoryMapJS, and

Building a Digital Portfolio with WordPress
A session on using Wordpress to create a portfolio representing your professional self

Creating Maps on the Web
An overview of web-based tools like CARTO and Google Earth for creating maps and exploring spatial relationships in data

Creating Online Digital Collections with Omeka
An introduction to, a free, web-based tool for organizing, describing, telling stories with, and sharing digital collections

Data Cleaning with OpenRefine
An overview of OpenRefine, a powerful tool for cleaning messy tabular data

Documenting Reproducible Research with Jupyter Notebooks
A session on Jupyter Notebooks, a platform for interactive computational research and data science

Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau
An introduction to Tableau Public, a free data visualization tool for analyzing and illustrating patterns in data

Managing a Digital Project
An introduction to project management approaches and tools for individuals who are planning and implementing digital projects.

Collecting Web Data with Python Workshop
The basics of the Python programming language with a focus on collecting data from web sites and social media platforms.