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Business Statistics

There are countless sources for business statistics. These are just a few of the key resources for business statistics.

If you are looking for financial statistics for a specific company, refer to the Sources for Corporate Financial Data page.

If you are looking for industry statistics, also refer to the Industry Resources page.

For additional sources, use the indexes listed here or Ask Us.

Research Databases*

Statistical (Lexis-Nexis)*

provides online access to ASI, SRI, and IIS. ASI (American Statistics Index) indexes statistical data from the U.S. Government. SRI (Statistical Reference Index) indexes statistical information from American sources outside the U.S. Government. IIS (Index to International Statistics) covers statistics published by international intergovernmental organizations.

Social Explorer

Interactive maps with demographic information drawn from the US Census. The corresponding data tables are also available.


An index to statistics-related Internet sites maintained by U.S. Government agencies.

Historical Statistics of the United States *

This information comes from the original print source, a supplement to Statistical Abstract of the United States provides a variety of statistics from colonial times to 1970.
Also available in print at

HILLMAN LIBRARY - Reference Desk.(C 3.134/2:H63/789-970)

BUSINESS LIBRARY  - Reference (HA202 B87)

Free Online Resources

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Probably the single most important source for U.S. statistics. Hundreds of tables are included, many related to business issues. It also acts as an index; the source notes at the bottom of the table will lead you to more extensive and/or detailed data sources.

United States Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy

Books from the Reference Collection

Business Statistics of the United States

Contains about 2,000 economic and business time series, predominantly from federal government sources. Annual data included for 1968 through 1996 and monthly data for 1993 through 1996.
BUSINESS LIBRARY- Reference (HC101 A13122)

HILLMAN LIBRARY - Reference Desk. (HC101 A13122)

Statistical Abstract of the United States

BUSINESS LIBRARY - Reference HA 202.A385s

HILLMAN LIBRARY - Reference Desk. (C 3.134:999)

Statistics Sources

An alphabetically arranged index to current sources of statistics on over 20,000 subjects and locations. Many business topics are included.
HILLMAN LIBRARY - Reference Desk. (Z7551 S84)

BUSINESS LIBRARY - Reference Desk (Z7551 S84)

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